Guideline for Presenters

This paper presents a template for JAVET (Journal of Asian Vocational Education and Training), which comprises a part of the author instruction. Authors are recommended to follow the manuscript described below for journal submission.

You can see the format example based on manuscript format in page 3.

1. Manuscript Format

1.1 Overview of Manuscript

(1)  The manuscript format should follow this template. The template provides you with an A4 size.

(2)  The number of pages, including the figures, tables, author portrait with biography, acknowledgements, and appendix for all submission categories should be basically within 8-10 pages.

1.2 Structure of Manuscript

The manuscript should include the title, author(s) name(s), abstract, keywords, body text, and references.

1.2.1 Title

The manuscript must have a title in English, in 14 pt Arial font written in title case.

1.2.2 Name of Author(s)

The manuscript must contain the name and affiliation of each author. Use 11 pt bold Times New Roman font for the name of each author in italic.

1.2.3 Affiliation

The affiliation must contain name of department, university, and country.

And in order to explicit contact information, email address of corresponding author is needed.

1.2.4 Abstract

The manuscript must have an abstract within 80 to 150 words using 8 pt, Times New Roman font.

1.2.5 Keywords

About 5 to 7 keywords should be listed in 8pt Times New Roman font.

1.2.6 Body Text (including Introduction)

Body text shall be made easier to read by putting chapters, sections, clauses and item names before paragraphs. All headings must have their numbers and alphabets in the following order. The font size of the body text should be 9pt. Times New Roman. The font size of each chapter headings is 11pt Arial while those of sections and clauses is 10pt Arial. All headings should be bolded.

1.3 References

The number of the references listed, which are directly related to the content, must be indicated in the related text in brackets [number].

The references should follow APA Style. Please visit Reference Guide.

1.4 Figures and Tables

Figures and Tables must be embedded in the body text and explained in the manuscript.

Figures must be prepared clearly so they are printed. Figures and Tables must be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. The caption of each figure must be indicated below the figure, while that of each table must be placed above the table.


If needed, author(s) should provide a brief acknowledgement section here.

Author notes

If needed, authors(s) could briefly describe the originality of this research, or the original study that is presented in this manuscript.


  • APA Style
  • A. A. SVET, “Asian Academic Society for Vocational Education and Training,” Journal Title, vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx-xxx


If needed, author(s) should place the appendix here.

For paper submission, please send your paper data (word format) to

For template paper, download here.