About AASVET 2023

The Asian Academic Society for Vocational Education and Training (AASVET) was established in 2005 as a response to the growing need for collaboration and development in the field of vocational education and training (VET) across Asian countries. Founded by esteemed scholars and experts in the VET domain, AASVET aims to promote and enhance career education and workforce training in the region.

The primary objective of AASVET is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research fi ndings, and best practices among Asian countries. By providing a platform for academics, educators, policymakers, and practitioners to come together, AASVET fosters mutual learning and encourages the sharing of innovative ideas in the realm of VET.

One of the key activities of AASVET is the organization of annual conferences held in different Asian countries. These conferences serve as crucial events where experts from diverse backgrounds converge to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and advancements in vocational education and training. The rotation of conference venues among countries like Japan, Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia ensures that various perspectives and experiences are shared, enriching the discourse and understanding of VET issues unique to each nation.

Through these conferences, AASVET has played a pivotal role in establishing and strengthening networks among VET stakeholders. By fostering sustainable collaborations, AASVET enables Asian countries to learn from each other’s successes and challenges, promoting continuous growth and improvement in the field.

Moreover, AASVET serves as a repository of VET-related research and resources. The organization encourages scholars and practitioners to publish their findings, case studies, and innovative approaches in vocational education and training. This collective knowledge base contributes significantly to the advancement of VET practices and policies across the region.

Over the years, AASVET has grown in prominence and influence, garnering recognition as a leading academic society in the domain of vocational education and training. As a result, it has become a hub for experts to collaborate on research projects, joint initiatives, and capacity-building programs, further enhancing the quality of VET practices in Asia.

In addition to its conference activities, AASVET also engages in various outreach programs and partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies, and industry stakeholders. These collaborative efforts aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that VET programs align with the evolving needs of the labor market and facilitate smoother transitions from education to employment.

In conclusion, the Asian Academic Society for Vocational Education and Training (AASVET) stands as a pioneering force in the advancement of vocational education and training in Asia. Through its annual conferences, knowledge sharing initiatives, and collaborative projects, AASVET continues to play a crucial role in shaping the future of career education and workforce development across the region.